The Adventures of Bella & Emily

This book is truly inspirational. It tells the wonderful story of teenager Emily and her pony Bella. Just as in true life there are ups and there are downs, thrills and spills, laughter and tears, but ultimately this tale demonstrates that with hard work and dedication dreams really can come true. A must for all animal lovers, particularly young girls who love ponies and horses. I loved it!



Such a sweet and happy story of a very devoted girl who never lost faith in the true potential of a rescued pony. Any young horse-lover would love this book, it is heartwarming to read as the pair bond and mature together. Michelle paints a perfect picture with her words and the inclusion of little photographs throughout is delightful!


I loved this book! It gave me a warm, cozy feeling of love and innocence, and transported me back to my childhood. An inspirational story that shows that if you dream, visualise, work hard and have a bit of support you can fulfil your ambitions. Great stuff!



The Adventures of Bella & Emily

In Devon


This book continues Bella and Emily's adventures with a trip to Devon to stay with Emily's Aunty Pam who runs a rescue centre. As in the previous book there is lots of information about looking after horses and ponies as well as some heartbreaking tales of neglect and cruelty. These parts can be difficult to read but are balanced by the kindness and care the animals find with Aunty Pam and her friends who help her run the rescue centre. It really makes you appreciate the hard work and utter dedication of people involved in rescuing animals. A great sequel and hopefully there will be many more.

An absolutely fantastic follow up form the first book. Thoroughly enjoyed their adventures and shed a few happy tears! A brilliant book for horse and pony lovers, young and old!

I read the first adventure of Bella and Emily, and enjoyed it. I was honored to also read this one, with Bella and Emily in Devon. Emily tells the story of her adventure as she and Bella are staying in Devon with a relative. It's a great story that combines a journey as well as making friends of humans and animals. The love of the animals brings them on a path of rescue. I like this story. Holland pens great story and is a great storyteller.





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Inside A Dog's Mind: Jacob's Journal


What a truly amazing little book this is... sad, happy, funny and parts made me angry! This book has so many emotions in it. You really can believe that this little doggy can communicate with the reader! Very well written by someone who not only has the endless love you need for a rescue dog (or any animal, come to think about it) but the understanding, caring and truly amazing ability to communicate with a rescue animal. Beautiful! I would highly recommended giving this book a read, you won't be disappointed!

I purchased this book on behalf of our friend, Monika. She loved it and asked me to submit her review ....
"The book is awesome! It shows how it feels from a dogs point of view and it helped me to understand even better dog's feelings and what's inside their minds"

This book has been written through the eyes of a dog called Jacob who's only 8 weeks old. Michelle, the author has written this using her own experience as a dog behaviourist and owner of rescue dogs, it's really educational and anyone wanting to foster or rescue a dog should probably read this! I wish I had the insight and knowledge when I rescued my first dog who had behavioural issues. This is truly an amazing story, you will have some tears and definitely some laughter along the way. A must read.








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Michelle & Chelsea

I became passionate about pony rescue after taking on a neglected New Forest pony 24 years ago who I called Bella. What really touched my heart and was priceless was the transformation over a one year period - after some hard work and understanding Bella turned into a healthy & trusting pony.

In 1995 I opened my own sanctuary for New Forest ponies and saved and rehomed over 57 from slaughter over a 5 year period. This was so rewarding and totally voluntary and I had to raise over £80,000 a year to keep it going. I took on Chelsea who was 6 months old, she was riddled with lice and worms and would attack any man who came near her, after plenty of patience and tender loving care we formed a truly awesome and special relationship, and I decided I would keep her myself!

I had a lot of difficult ponies, young foals that I rescued who had been taken away from their homes too early. Wild mares, and many sick foals who needed calm and understanding and ongoing veterinary care. Body language played a very important part and I had over 30 volunteers helping on a rota, this is how I met my best friend Hannah. Chelsea is on permanent loan with friends near Yarmouth and she actually got to compete at Burghley. I received an award from the Mayor of Eastbourne for my hard work within the community.
I also published a book called Shelly finds her dream pony Chelsea, 4 years ago, an American critic Sue said my book was too perfect, she has helped and encouraged me to re-write the book and to bring in rescue work this is now The Adventures of Bella & Emily.


In August 2012 myself and Hayley took on Jasper a 6 month old rescue dog who had been shut in a kitchen, abused and had half of his tail chopped off. Jasper had severe fear aggression. In November 2012 we met Karen Lippitt at a healing session who founded Helping Paws and we all clicked instantly and since then we have continuously raised funds to help animals in need all over the world. We help fund neutering and spaying schemes and also support sanctuaries in Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and wherever we can. We are always coming up with ideas and last year we walked over broken glass, fire and broke a ¾ inch of wood and raised over £11,000. Via Helping Paws we have funded and bought over many dogs from Portugal & Spain who needed a safe life in FOREVER homes here in the UK. This is also when I realised I needed to study INSIDE A DOGS MIND so that I could help as many dogs as possible as they do not have a voice, WE ARE THEIR VOICE.


I am a fully qualified Canine Behaviourist Practitioner after completing my Canine Psychology & Behaviour course with The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour and just love helping dogs and their owners who are trying to deal with behavioural problems Inside A Dogs Mind, I work full time and have owned my cleaning company, ‘Time For You Domestic Cleaning Brighton & Sussex’ for 16 years. .


I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 5 years and arthritis in my neck so my days of helping horses and ponies hands on are sadly over. This is why I decided to help the 5 organisations I have chosen to benefit from 50% profit from the kindle sales and paperback sales of my book. I know the hard work, heart ache and commitment that goes on behind the scenes and without help they cannot continue to do the amazing work they do.


Here are the 5 organisations I support from the profit of the sales through The Adventures of Bella & Emily.

I will also be donating 50% of the profit from the sales of Inside a Dog's Mind: Jacob's Journal to Dog related Animal Rescue Centres in need of help and money.


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